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•   Market Research Operations
     and Support

•   Association and Membership 
    Surveys and Services
•   Conference/Session Evaluations
•   Customer Satisfaction Surveys
•   Social Research Surveys
•   Administration and Collection 
    of CME/CEU programs
•   Employee Engagement Studies
•   New Product Feasibility Surveys
•   Election Services
•   Medical Research and Data
•   Rebate check and incentive 
•   Assessment Design, Fulfillment 
    and Scoring Services
•   Formative and Summative 
    Testing Services
•   Multiple-Choice and 
    Free Response Scoring
•   School, Parent, Student and 
    Teacher Survey Programs
•   Effectiveness Studies
•   Advanced Placement   
    Readiness Testing Program
Advanced Placement is a registered trademark of The College Boardฎ
•   Course and Instructor   
•   College Readiness Studies
•   Graduate Surveys
•   Peer Evaluations
K - 12
Higher Education
Extensive Market Research Operations Experience
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